Cannabis Sampling and Drying

Cannabis drying methods are varied based on the cannabis strain, harvest size, conditions, and equipment available. This method ensures that the minimum standards are kept for relatively accurate chemical and microbiological laboratory analysis. Extended drying and curing methods are recommended for industrial and commercial uses.

1. Cutting the flowers

Cut the cannabis flowers and trim off excess leaves, place in a ventilated container for drying. Make sure that your sample flowers represent the whole batch that you want to get tested.

2. Room drying

Hang wet flowers upside down by the stems in a cool well-ventilated room. The flowers should be dried at room temperature for around 21 days.

Optimal Conditions:

  • Temperature: 19 C – 22 C
  • Humidity: 45% – 55%

The branches should be able to swing around freely and not touch one another. Check for any mold or fungus in the room (anything that can negatively affect the flowers while drying).

When done drying the leaves should be brittle and the branches should snap freely when bended. The moisture content should be between 8 – 13 %.

3. Sample storage

Store the dry flower samples in a closed, airtight container (glass or plastic). Do not fill the contained past 75% capacity. Store container in a cool dark place and send it to the lab as soon as possible for testing.