Analysis Request – Certificate of Analysis

With the accelerated growth of medical cannabis usage ensuring both the quality and authenticity of your product is of utmost importance for not only you as a grower, manufacturer or dispensary but is equally as important to the buyer of your cannabis product. The Certificate of Analysis provided includes details about Vinlab Pharma as the testing laboratory, the brand, the product tested along with the potency and purity of the product tested. This Certificate of Analysis also provides buyers with the confirmation that products are free from harmful contaminants.


In order to provide clients with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis cannabis products are tested for potency, in which percentages of THC and CBD are provided along with other cannabinoids, and contamination. Various contaminants include pesticides as chemical contaminants, microbial contaminants and mycotoxins, physical contaminants and heavy metals. Certificates of Analysis may also include terpenes – the aromatic ingredients that contribute to the products scent, flavour and therapeutic profile.


Certificates of Analysis provided are mainly concerned with compliance data. Compliance data consists of all testing procedures required by the buyer that must be preformed on the cannabis product before it is approved for distribution and sale. Compliance data also ensures products that make their way into the market are free from any harmful contaminants and are safe for human consumption.


Any grower, manufacturer or dispensary involved in the cultivation, harvesting, processing or post-processing stage of cannabis products wanting to adhere to the specific regulations of a buyer should opt for a full Certificate of Analysis.