Analysis Request – Microbiological

Although natural antibacterial properties of the cannabis plant may ward off certain microbiological toxins bacterial pathogens and fungal spores still pose a risk of contamination throughout the growth, harvesting and processing stages. The same warm, humid environment in which the cultivation of cannabis cultivars thrives also encourages proliferation of various microorganisms. Microbiological testing of your cannabis products is, therefore, of utmost importance. Using the latest microbiological techniques Vinlab Pharma offers a comprehensive range of quality microbial testing.


Microbiological testing at Vinlab Pharma can be broken into two categories: quantitative testing of quality parameters and specific identification of pathogens. Important quality parameters tested include Total Yeasts and Mould, Total Aerobic Microbial Count, and Total Bile-tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria. Pathogen detection, in which tests are targeted toward microorganisms that may cause illness include Salmonella, E. Coli 0-157 and Listeria.


Microbiological testing is one of the most important analyses in the testing of product safety and has become standard practice in the cannabis industry. Not only are microbiological populations at risk of impeding the therapeutic effects of cannabis products, but they also pose a health risk to the consumer.


Proper microbial screening is necessary for all growers, manufacturers and distributors involved in the cannabis industry.