Analysis Request – Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are elements characterized by higher densities and masses occurring naturally in the earth’s crust and found readily in the soil. Human activities, such as mining and industrial agriculture, may also pollute the surrounding soil increasing concentrations of heavy metals. Cannabis plants grown in heavy-metal laden soils, or the use of contaminated water, inorganic fertilisers and pesticides all contribute to heavy metal concentrations in cannabis products.


Our heavy metals testing quantifies the especially toxic Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As) and Cadmium (Cd). These heavy metals are known to be highly toxic as our bodies are unable to remove these metals after exposure with these metals accumulating over time. Nickel (Ni), although less toxic, may also cause severe health effects when exposure takes place in large doses. Zinc (Zn), on the other hand plays a beneficial role to the health of the cannabis plant as well as to consumers should it be taken in low doses.


As cannabis is known to act efficiently in the uptake of heavy metals from soil the growth cycle may be a major source of contamination. However, processing and post-processing may also transfer contaminants to the product. The toxicity of these elements also depends on the route of administration, making heavy metal testing essential in improving both the safety of cannabis products for consumers as well as the quality you as a producer provide.


Heavy metal testing in cannabis products is of particular importance to growers and producers involved in both the processing and post-processing stages.