Analysis Request – Physical Parameters

With the spotlight generally being on the potency and purity of cannabis products it is easy to overlook important quality and authenticity parameters. Various environmental factors, such as light, water, humidity, nutrients, and temperature not only influence the morphological characteristics of your cannabis plant, but the inorganic compounds and moisture content as well. Each of these tests performed at Vinlab Pharma makes use of the latest technology and is conducted by our carefully trained technicians.


Physical parameters tested at Vinlab Pharma include comprehensive Macroscopic and Microscopic identification of cannabis flowers. Macroscopic identification makes use of clearing agents to break down cannabis cell structures making them more visible for identification. Macroscopic (Identity A) and Microscopic (Identity B) identification, along with Loss on Drying and Total Ash all relate directly to the quality and authenticity of your product.


Loss on Drying, or moisture content, refers to the total amount of moisture present in a cannabis sample. As cannabis is susceptible to mould growth cultivators and manufacturers often ensure the moisture content of their product is within an optimum range. This directly impacts the quality of the cannabis product as excess moisture feeds contaminant growth and improves the shelf-life. Microscopic and Macroscopic identification, on the other hand, are used to positively identify and differentiate cannabis plants from potential adulterants and substitutes. These physical parameters are, therefore, necessary to ensure no physical contamination is present on your cannabis product with the Total Ash being any inorganic residue remaining after water and organic matter have been removed by heating.


Macroscopic and Microscopic identification is generally performed by growers and manufacturers requiring compliance data. Although also required for compliance data, Loss on Drying and Total Ash are often requested by growers and manufacturers ensuring quality of their products.