Analysis Request – Terpenes

When it comes to cannabis cannabinoids often take the spotlight with the focus being on the THC and CBD concentrations. Terpenes, however, not only play a role in the aroma and flavour of cannabis strains but also work in synergy with cannabinoids and other compounds making these small molecules rather mighty. Broadly explained terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds that shield plants from predators and attract pollinators. Cannabis is known to contain particularly high levels of terpenes resulting in every strain having a unique flavour profile. Vinlab Pharma offers comprehensive terpene testing using industry leading technology and equipment providing clients with a unique understanding of their terpene profile.


Our terpene profile identifies and quantifies the major cannabis terpene Myrcene; contributing a musky, peppery scent, and limonene; having a characteristic lemon fragrance. Other terpenes tested include the well-known beta-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, geraniol, alpha-humulene, and linalool.


With over 200 terpenes having been found in the cannabis plant, it is only natural that the types and amounts of terpenes present in different cannabis cultivars vary. Identifying these types and amounts enables optimisation of not only the flavour and aroma profile, but the strains pharmacological benefits. Supplying a consistent, reliable product is also essential in protecting your brand identity. Terpene profiling allows you to determine what is in each batch of your cannabis product.


Knowing and understanding the terpene profile of your product is of benefit to everyone in the cannabis supply chain, whether you are a breeder, cultivator, manufacturer, or distributor.