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‘Vinlab Beverages’ specializes in both chemical and microbiological analyses of a wide range of beverages. This includes wine, juice, concentrates, beer, ciders, and spirits.

In 2003 Vinlab became the first SANAS Accredited Wine Laboratory in South Africa offering basic analysis such as sugar, alcohol content, acids, and extract. Vinlab has since expanded its range of analysis to include Gas and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography testing.

We understand wine and the vital importance of quality and consumer friendly products. As a leading wine and beverage testing laboratory, we provide accurate and comprehensive analytical services to ensure the highest quality standards for the African beverage industry.

Contact us today to discuss how our expertise and services can benefit your business. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and helping you achieve success.

Why beverage testing?

Testing will also enable you as a producer to intervene where and when necessary. With beverage production being a long and intensive process, many problems may unexpectedly arise. These problems are often easily avoidable and remedied when you’re aware of the chemical and microbiological status of your sample. Testing your product is essential to ensure the production of a harmless and valuable beverage.

Be it small-scale or commercial: Vinlab is here to help! We offer a comprehensive range of analyses enabling you to make informed decisions throughout the entire production process. Using the latest equipment, our dedicated and knowledgeable team will provide you with accurate, timely and user-friendly results – and the insight on how to apply these results in the production process.

Benefits of getting your beverages tested

Monitoring progress

Knowing where your product is in the production/fermentation process enables you to make enlightened decisions.

Legal limits/governing bodies

Regulatory bodies that govern beverage production, sales, and export set out specifications that industries need to abide by.

Quality/consumer friendly

Ensuring your beverage is free of any harmful contaminants gives you peace of mind you’re delivering a high-quality product to the consumer.


Chemical analyses is essential in the determination of your beverages authenticity and protecting your brand.

Vinlab Winemaker’s Manual

The Vinlab Winemaker’s manual is a practical guide for winemakers, winemaking students, and anyone wanting to understand more about the science of wine and the practical steps and challenges of winemaking.

Available in English, Afrikaans and Spanish

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