Analysis Request – Swimming Pool

The water quality of swimming pools, whirlpools or water theme facilities has a direct effect on the health and safety of the individuals using them. Testing for various chemical and microbiological parameters allows implementation of treatment plans if needed, be it a residential or public pool. Vinlab H2O offers a comprehensive ‘Swimming pool’ water package that includes essential analyses to protect people using the pool and to ensure the longevity of the pool.


Analysis of swimming pool water can be broken down into three major water quality tolerances: physical, chemical, and bacteriological. Physical is determined by measuring the turbidity of the water ie water should be clear. Chemical parameters include pH, which should be as close to neutral as possible, and total alkalinity, which is interconnected to the pH to ensure stability and free chlorine. Bacteriologically, swimming pools should be free from any Total Coliforms and E. coli.


Testing of swimming pool water is essential as standing bodies of water tend to attract various undesirable contaminants. Microbiological and chemical contaminants in the water may have a direct impact on human health. Pool chemicals also react differently in the presence of mineral ions, impacting the longevity of the pool. Understanding the chemistry of the water therefore enables better decisions in a treatment plan.

How often?

Chlorine and pH should be tested at least once a week depending on how frequently the pool is used. This can be performed with a home test kits. Additional testing should take place when sudden changes such as cloudiness occur or when a water treatment plan was changed. Public pools, however, should be tested on a monthly basis by a reputable lab to ensure water safety.


Owners of private swimming pools, public swimming pools, whirlpools and water theme facilities should have their water tested regularly.