Analysis Request -All Water Packages

Regular water testing of all water sources, be it drinking water, industrial effluent water, borehole water or industry related water, is a necessity. Knowing the chemical and microbiological contaminants present in your water aids in determining whether water is fit for its intended purpose. Vinlab H2O offers an extensive range of both chemical and microbiological analyses grouped together in convenient packages for several water sources.


Chemical and microbiological parameters included in each of these packages are carefully selected enabling you to decide whether the water source tested is suitable for its intended use. Water packages in line with SANS 1657 for bottled water, Integrated Wine Production of Wine Scheme for Effluent and Irrigation Water and  SANS 241 for drinking water also include all necessary chemical and microbiological parameters.


Every industry, whether private or public, or homeowners test their water for their own purpose. However, most testing occurs either to ensure water sources are free from harmful contaminants or to avoid pollution via disposal of effluent water into the environment.

How often?

The frequency of water testing is dependent on both regulations your institution must abide by or the intended use of the water is.


As with “How Often”, when water should be tested is dependent on both regulations in place, as well as, what water will be used for.


We are all affected by water, regardless of where we live and what our lifestyles may be. Water testing is, therefore, of utmost importance to everyone.