Analysis Request – Import/Export Requirements

For consignments of wine, whether large or small quantities, to be allowed across borders and to enter the distribution chain, certain import/export requirements must be met. Not only can these requirements be complex, but unfortunately they are ever changing. Over and above the basic chemical analyses, some countries also require additional analyses for import/export purposes.


Every country has its own list of import/export requirements. This may vary from a Standard V1 export panel that requires only basic chemical components, to a more comprehensive list of analyses that may include methanol, natamycin, furfural, ethyl carbamate and sorbic acid, to name a few.


Although alcoholic beverages are considered an inherently safe product, import/export requirements are put in place to ensure products do not pose a threat to the health and safety of the consumer. Secondly, import/export requirements are necessary to classify beverages correctly for taxation purposes.


Products for import/export are expected to comply with legislation set out by the specific destination country. Make sure you know the chemical and microbiological import/export requirements for the destined country before submitting your samples for export. Relevant analyses for a destination country must be performed on every vintage of every wine intended for export.


Vinlab offers a complete list of chemical and microbiological analysis for import/export purposes. Wine producers that are interested in exporting wine can submit export samples themselves, or they can work through a third-party that provides all the necessary information and import/export requirements.