Microbiological Analysis


TEST Description Method
Microscopic identification
Yeast and bacteria identification Species identification PCR Scorpion™
Brettanomyces culture Checks for viable yeast, specifically Brettanomyces Plating on WLC media
Bacteria culture Checks for viable bacteria Plating on MR media
Yeast culture Checks for viable yeast Plating on WL media
Yeast count Monitor fermentations Haemocytometry
Yeast viability Monitor fermentations Staining
Sterility 3-day sterility check for bottled/packaged samples Filter plating
5-day sterility check for bottled/packaged samples Filter plating
Alcohol-tolerance of yeast Check growth in 10% ethanol medium
Additional analysis for export requirements
Total plate count Standard TTC
Total coliforms and E.coli Endo
Staphylococcus Chapman
Yeast and Mould WLN
Acetic acid bacteria MR
Lactic acid bacteria MR
PANEL: Slow/stuck fermentations  Microscopic ID; Yeast count; Yeast viability; Glucose; Fructose; Malic acid
PANEL: Stuck MLF  Microscopic ID; Bacteria culture; Malic acid; Alcohol; pH; Total SO2
PANEL: Brettanomyces management   4-EP, 4-EG; Brettanomyces culture
PANEL: Filtration decisions Microscopic ID; Bacteria culture; Brettanomyces culture; Glucose; Fructose; Malic acid; VA; Turbidity; pH