Aromas, Faults, Contaminants, Export Requirements


TEST Compound/s Description Method
Haloanisoles 2,4,6 TCA; 2,3,4,6 TeCA; PCA; 2,4,6 TBA Compounds associated with cork taint GC-MS
Halophenols and haloanisoles 2,4,6 TCA; 2,4,6 TCP; 2,3,4,6 TeCA; 2,3,4,6 TeCP; PCA; PCP; 2,4,6 TBA; 2,4,6,TBP; Lindane Compounds associated with ‘cork taint’ due to environment GC-MS
Geosmin Earthy character from mould or bacteria growth in water or on grapes GC-MS
Brett aroma 4-EP, 4-EG Compounds associated with Brettanomyces contamination GC-MS
Phenolic off-aroma 4-VP, 4-VG Together with 4-EP and 4-EG, these compounds are responsible for phenolic off-aroma due to yeast spoilage GC-MS
Smoke taint Guaiacol; 4-methyl guaiacol Juice/wine tainted from veld fires/smoke GC-MS
Eucalyptol Aroma associated with eucalyptus GC-MS
Ethyl acetate ‘Paint stripper’ aroma from microbiological spoilage GC-FID
Acetaldehyde Main compound responsible for oxidation aroma GC-FID
Methoxypyrazines IBMP, IPMP “Green” associated aroma GC-MS
Thiols 3-MH, 3-MHA Fermentation thiols with aromas of ‘guava’, ‘passion fruit’, ‘grapefruit’ GC-MS
Total higher alcohols 1-propanol; isobutanol; isoamyl alcohol; 1-butanol; 1-hexanol; 2-phenyl ethanol; 2-butanol; active amyl alcohol; 1-octanol GC-FID
Total fatty acids acetic acid; isobutyric acid; hexanoic acid; octanoic acid; decanoic acid; propionic acid; butyric acid; isovaleric acid GC-FID
Total fermentation esters ethyl formate; isobutyl acetate; ethyl butyrate; ethyl lactate; isoamyl acetate; pentyl acetate; hexyl acetate; ethyl hexanoate; ethyl octanoate; diethyl succinate; 2-phenylethyl acetate; ethyl decanoate; ethyl laurate; ethyl myristate; ethyl palmitate GC-FID
Total amyl alcohols GC-FID
Allyl alcohol GC-FID
Oak aromas GC-MS
Diacetyl GC-MS
Glycols Monopropylene glycol; monoethylene glycol; dipropylene glycol; diethylene glycol Cooling water components GC-FID
Ethyl carbamate Secondary fermentation by-product, potentially toxic, sometimes required for export GC-MS
Ochratoxin A Export requirements HPLC-Fluorescence
Methanol Export requirements GC-FID
Furfural Export requirements GC-MS
Glycerol Export requirements GC-FID
Malvidin 3,5-O-diglucoside Export requirements HPLC
Natamycin Export requirements HPLC
Allergens Albumen, lysozyme, casein Labelling requirements ELISA
Ash content
Shikimic acid HPLC
Benzoic acid HPLC
Oxalic acid HPLC
Benzo(a)pyrene HPLC